Psychology, BA & BS
Integrate the study of the human mind with your Christian faith. Learn how the mind works and how it impacts human behavior. This major is ideal foundation for graduate study, as well as entry into Bachelors-level careers. Every psychology major must complete a practicum or research project. The Bachelor of Arts option requires a foreign language. The Bachelor of Science option pairs psychology requirements with Taylor's systems curriculum.

Psychology/Pre-Medicine, BA
Study the human mind and its impact on human behavior, while building a foundation in the hard sciences with courses in biology, chemistry, math, and physics. Students in this major are well-prepared for the MCAT and entrance into medical, dental, and allied health schools.

Orphans & Vulnerable Children, BA & BS
The OVC program is designed to ground students in child development, sociological factors, and global health issues, as well as add learning experiences that will impact vulnerable youth. Learn more about orphans and vulnerable children at Taylor University.

A concentration in psychology is also available with a Bachelor of Science in Social Studies Education.


Strengthen your understanding of human mental development and the life of the mind with a psychology minor. This minor pairs especially well with journalism, management, and history majors.

Orphans & Vulnerable Children
Gain a basic skill set and knowledge of how to work with orphans and vulnerable children. This minor requires classes in developmental psychology, law and justice, and public health, among others, to provide a broad understanding of factors impacting children. Learn more about orphans and vulnerable children at Taylor University.