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Political Science and International Relations


Political Science Degrees and Majors

As a political science major, your classes will develop your critical thinking skills and train you to engage in domestic and international issues, both intellectually and spiritually. If you have a deep curiosity about the world around you, our political science degree will broaden your understanding of the political process and how it shapes the world. You will have the opportunity to study domestic and world politics, political philosophy, and a variety of elective subjects including Middle Eastern and comparative politics.

Political Science Degrees

Bachelor of Arts: Our political science degree focuses on the social, public and international sides of politics and requires four semesters of foreign language study in addition to its core curriculum. Our political science major is ideal for students interested in government, public policy, law and international relations, and is designed to enhance liberal arts critical thinking, analytical discovery, and ethical and moral inquiry through a biblical worldview.

Bachelor of Science / Systems: Instead of a foreign language, political science B.S. students take courses in computer science, web design, statistics, computer modeling, computer simulation and e-commerce to explore politics through a quantitative, empirical lens. A Bachelor of Science in political science is a better fit for students interested in the mathematical side of the political and policy relationships in the world around us.

If you are interested in learning how political science interacts with other disciplines, consider our political science, philosophy, and economics (PPE) major.


Political Science: Complementary to a major in history, economics, business, English, sociology or psychology, a minor in political science gives students the chance to take classes in legal studies, domestic politics, domestic policy and comparative and international relations politics and policy.

Legal Studies: Students interested in law can add the legal studies minor to any major. Available courses range from Business Law, to Civil Rights and Liberties, to Institutional Powers and American Constitution Development.

International Relations: The international relations minor is designed for students interested in the political, economic, and ideological relationships between nations. Offered courses cover the spectrum from broad overviews of historical thought regarding liberty and equality to the more specific political history of the Middle East.

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