Special Education -
Mild Intervention

Taylor University’s special education - mild intervention program is committed to preparing future educators to teach in the general education and special education settings across multiple age ranges of students with special needs such as learning disabilities, autism, physical disabilities, emotional and behavioral disabilities, and developmental delays, that require mild intervention.

What makes Taylor’s mild intervention program unique?

This certificate allows you to provide mild intervention for students from Preschool-12 and prepares you to work with students who have mild to moderate disabilities, opening the door for you to teach any grade level. At Taylor, we focus on teaching our students from a biblical perspective. This opens doors for students to be witnesses of Christ—showing His love not just in words, but also in action—through one-on-one and group interaction with students.

What experience will I gain outside of the Taylor classroom?

Education majors, including those with a concentration in special education - mild intervention, have multiple opportunities for field experience beginning their freshman year and continuing through their student-teaching experience their senior year. For student teaching, some students teach nearby while others go to different parts of the U.S. or even around the world.

Take the Next Step

Dr. Tammy Mahon discusses how Taylor's program prepares future teachers to help students with special needs be successful.

Interested in mild intervention? Listen to Dr. Tammy Mahon, Director of Mild Intervention Program, talk about how Taylor's program prepares future teachers to help students with special needs be successful.

How do I get licensed for Mild Intervention?

Upon graduation and passing certification exams, you will be licensed by the State of Indiana to teach students in both general education and special education settings. The license can transfer to almost anywhere in the United States and makes you highly marketable as a teaching professional.

What kind of jobs can I get with a Mild Intervention Certification?

With an education degree and Mild Intervention Certificate, you can teach general education or students with mild to moderate disabilities at the elementary, middle or high school levels. A Mild Intervention Certificate can also provide a foundation for future education in careers such as Occupational Therapy, Speech and Language Pathology, School Psychology, and School Counseling.

Additional Information

  • The license prepares you to teach Preschool through 12th grade students who have mild to moderate disabilities.
  • Taylor does not offer a certification program to work with individuals with severe to profound disabilities, but we have partnered with Indiana Wesleyan so students can get certified in this area by taking just three additional courses.