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Political Science, Philosophy, Economics Degree

A degree in Political Science, Philosophy and Economics (PPE) deeply engages in examining and understanding the nature of human communities. This interdisciplinary major encourages you to think critically from the position of each field and make connections between the disciplines, the past and the present, and see how each shapes the diversity of human experience.

PPE presents the opportunity for you to be well-versed in the core of these three disciplines, equipping you with a wide grasp of approaches to knowledge and critical thinking. You will learn about significant political and economic structures and processes, while being globally engaged and trained to discuss leading contemporary issues. Each discipline is explicitly engaged with faith and vocation and will challenge you to pursue rigorous study with the expectation of impacting the world through any number of career tracts.

Read about what this major has to offer and if you’d like to learn more, contact Dr. Kerton-Johnson or schedule a visit today!

What makes Taylor’s Political Science, Philosophy, and Economics major unique?

Taylor University is only the second Council for Christian Colleges & Universities (CCCU) school to offer a PPE major, making us a distinct program. Through the teaching and mentoring of our diverse faculty, their intentionality to help you integrate faith and learning, and their specialization in these three fields, you will be well prepared to develop ethical positions that are informing and thoughtful in an effort to affect change. The course variety of this major lays the foundation for you to recognize global realities and complexities of local, national, and international issues and situations, equipping you for employment and an influential vocation.

How do I earn a PPE degree?

The Political Science, Philosophy, and Economics major has a total of 46 credit hours, 28 being upper division. Although high, we see this as an acceptable number for two reasons:

  1. Given the three focal areas, the upper level courses ensure sufficient depth in each core area.
  2. We aim for this major to have the utmost rigor and intellectual challenge, because most of the students in this major will intend to apply to graduate school or further their career in significantly challenging fields.

Check out the curriculum guides for the BA degree or the Systems BS degree.

What professional growth experiences exist within the program?

As a PPE major, you must complete a practicum for course credit, which could be geared towards any of the three disciplines. We highly encourage you to participate in the ethics bowl, which placed 2nd in the National Ethics Bowl Competition in 2013. Also, there are numerous opportunities to work in our nation’s capital as well as to travel overseas and work in foreign cultures. Contact Dr. Kerton-Johnson if you would like to learn more about professional growth opportunities

Our Political Science, Philosophy and Economics faculty encourages intellectual rigor in an effort for you to obtain the best possible career or entry into graduate university. PPE was first offered by Oxford University and is now offered at over 30 Universities in North America and Canada, including:

  • Duke
  • King’s University College (Christian)
  • The King’s College (Christian)
  • University of Michigan
  • University of Pennsylvania
  • University of Washington
  • Yale

PPE Careers

PPE allows the study of all three disciplines, producing a holistic education. Through this, you will study in an extensive and critically engaged major that translates to a variety of careers.

This major brings together some of the most important approaches to understanding the world around us, developing skills useful for a significant range of careers, but has traditionally produced graduates who pursue PPE careers in:

  • Banking
  • Education
  • Finance
  • Government organizations
  • Journalism
  • Law
  • Non-profit leadership
  • Politics