Why study mathematics at Taylor?

Taylor University's mathematics department is dedicated to providing you with the very best in Christian community and education. Read about what makes our program so unique. Don’t see an answer to your question? Contact Dr. Case.

What makes Taylor's mathematics program unique?

Here are 3 reasons to choose Taylor:

  • Whole-person education: We aren’t just preparing you for four successful years at Taylor; we are preparing you for the 40 years that follow graduation. We are equipping you to use math as a tool to serve the way God designed you to serve, where He wants you to serve.
  • Community and commitment: Our faculty are dedicated to seeing you succeed. They do this by being available to help you with not just your academic workload, but also with your spiritual development.
  • Taylor mathematics lab: The Euler Science Complex provides a wonderful environment for students and faculty to work together. Highlights for our department include:
    • A spacious mathematics lab and resource room, math computer lab, math student lounge, seminar room, math classrooms, and a large interactive office area.
    • A large interactive classroom adjacent to a resource room filled with math manipulatives.
    • The math lab features table seating for 32 students, four computer stations, an interactive smart board and projector system, a sink and cabinet area, and a collection of hands-on math education resources.
    • The math computer lab provides students with many opportunities to explore the latest activities in mathematics and mathematics education.

What opportunities do I have to grow professionally outside of the classroom?

Math competitions: Taylor students have consistently excelled in local and national math competitions. Our courses aren't the only preparation our students have for these competitions; we also have “Pizza and Problem-Solving” sessions where we combine fun with serious preparation.

Math conferences: Students participate in the annual Mathematics & Statistics Conference at Miami University of Ohio during the fall semester. Recently, several students attended the national summer meeting of the Mathematical Association of America and the Indiana Council of Teachers of Mathematics Conference.

Math club: As part of Taylor’s emphasis on serving one another as we live together, we prioritize getting students involved in our math club to develop social connections and deepen spiritual development. This club allows you to have fun, and as you see with Aaron’s story, it makes it easier to succeed academically.

Faculty Mentored Undergraduate Scholarship program (FMUS): This is a summer research opportunity where students participate in mathematical research, submit papers to research journals, and make conference presentations. Recent projects and presentations have included knot theory and statistical analysis problems.

Teacher Assistants (TA): Math majors have opportunities to work closely with professors by serving as TAs. TAs assist with in-class group work, explain solutions, hold study sessions, grade papers, and sometimes give lectures. Math majors are also in high demand as tutors on and off campus.

What travel and study abroad opportunities are available?

  • Students have participated in Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU) at other institutions during the summer. In 2006, one of our math majors participated in an REU in Hong Kong, the first international REU offered. We’ve also had students participate in REUs at NASA, West Virginia, Willamette Valley, San Diego State University, Northern Kentucky University, SUNY Potsdam, University of Illinois, and University of Iowa.
  • Overseas student teaching is available to education majors. Recent math students have done their student teaching in Spain, Taiwan, Australia, France, Cameroon, and Senegal.
  • Lighthouse: Since 1972, Taylor's Lighthouse program has enabled students to gain unforgettable, life-changing experiences during January Term, studying and serving cross-culturally around the world. Recent Lighthouse destinations include: India, the Czech Republic, Paraguay, Ethiopia, Guatemala, Southeast Asia, Ecuador, Singapore and Thailand.
  • Spring Break Trips: Taylor University's Spring Break Mission Trips enable students to learn, minister, and witness during their annual spring break. Trips go to numerous destinations around the world to serve in various ministries.