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Kinesiology Degrees & Majors

What kinesiology program is best for you? Skim through our course descriptions to get an idea of the interdisciplinary nature of each. Still have questions? You can contact Dr. Bruce Pratt for more information, or better yet, you can schedule a campus visit where you can see the facilities first-hand and talk to our faculty and staff face-to-face.

Kinesiology Majors

Exercise Science

Combine content from chemistry, biology, physics, physiology and psychology to learn how exercise can improve health and/or performance. Ideal for graduate-level careers in allied health, such as nursing, medicine and physical or occupational therapy, as well as careers in personal training, corporate wellness or performance enhancement.

  • Health Science and Human Performance BA / BS
  • Pre-Allied Health BA / BS

Sport Management

Study how sports programs, products and activities are developed, produced, promoted and managed. This is excellent preparation for a wide range of sports-related careers, such as athletic director, sports organization manager, sports information director, sports reporter or media relations professional, sports agent, marketing and promotions manager, sports scout or business owner.

  • Sport Management BA / BS

Kinesiology Minors


Prepare for sport-related opportunities in coaching, camp and recreational settings and athletic ministry. You have the opportunity to take classes in sport specific training along with instruction in coaching principles, coaching psychology, and athletic injury care and prevention. You will also be able to participate in a practicum to experience coaching in a real-life setting.

Sport Management Minor

Diversify yourself to work in the sports world. Courses include an overview of the field of sport management along with specific courses in public relations, event and facility management, and legal issues. You will also attend a seminar on current issues, along with hands-on experience and preparation to enter the field. Some electives are required and can be from the sport area or from the business major.