Professional Writing

"The professional writing major at Taylor University is without a doubt the finest college writing program I know of. My wife and I have established a writing scholarship at Taylor because we have such total faith in the quality of the program."

Jerry B. Jenkins
Author of the "Left Behind" series

"Dennis Hensley is truly a motivator. His chatty, writer-to-writer tone removes fear, builds confidence, and causes beginning writers to say, ‘Yes! I can do this!' With wit, candor and wisdom, he unselfishly shares his decades of experience with newcomers in the writing field. His advice saves them much pain and a lot of time."

Holly G. Miller, senior editor
The Saturday Evening Post

"Under the leadership of Dennis Hensley, the Taylor professional writing major has become the pinnacle of quality writing programs at Christian colleges. In my opinion it is hands-down the ultimate place to go to become a published author."

Bill Myers
Author of the "McGee & Me" and "Wally MacDougal" series

"The Taylor writing program holds my highest respect. The campus is lovely, the students are creative and hard working, and the professional writing curriculum is diverse and spot-on for what young writers need to be learning."

Ann Tatlock
Christy Award winning novelist

"I consider Doc Hensley to be one of the best writers and one of the elite writing instructors I've ever known. He's entertaining, informative, contemporary, and results-oriented."

Liz Curtis Higgs
Author and National Public Speaker

"What college students need in a professional writing program is excellent training in the craft of writing, but also in-depth knowledge of how to market their manuscripts, work with literary agents, and expand their careers as authors and editors. No place does a better job of combining these two elements than Taylor University's program."

Jack Cavanaugh
Author of "The Great Awakenings" series

"During the past ten years I have published more than 450 book, music, and movie reviews written by Taylor University professional writing majors, as well as cover story features and full-length interviews. I can always count on them for quality writing."

Lin Johnson, editor in chief
Christian Communicator, Church Libraries, and Advanced Christian Writer

"Dennis Hensley knows writing. He knows writers. He knows publishing. He knows publishers. He knows how to teach writing. He knows how to coach and inspire writers. He know better than anyone I know how to write and make a living at it."

Bob Hostetler, co-author
with Josh McDowell of Right from Wrong

"Dennis Hensley teaches his students how to become super successful freelance writers. He teaches them what to write about, how to develop a distinctive style, how to negotiate contracts - the man is extremely motivational and highly practical!"

James Watkins
Managing Editor, Vista

"I've heard Dennis Hensley speak at various writers' conferences for the past 25 years, and there is no one who is more informative, more entertaining, more focused, and more knowledgeable about writing than he is. Anyone privileged enough to study under him is bound to become successful at writing."

Sally E. Stuart, editor
Christian Writers' Market Guide