Why study philosophy at Taylor?

At Taylor, we don't only care about your next 4 years—we care about your next 40+ and the impact you can make for God’s kingdom in that time. This is especially true in our philosophy program.

Why should I choose Taylor’s philosophy program?

We not only affirm the importance of the integration of faith and learning, but our professors also integrate their theological training into your experience. All three of Taylor’s philosophy professors have seminary training, and two have seminary degrees. Their ability to weave together philosophical and theological insights is evident both in the classroom and in their scholarly publications.

How can I be prepared for the secular world in business and law (for example) if I study philosophy at Taylor?

We help strengthen your faith and prepare you for service, regardless of what God calls you to do and where He calls you to do it. Philosophy graduates can follow complex lines of reasoning, see the various sides of an issue, and craft a thoughtful response. Our majors are well-equipped in the areas of logic, ethics, epistemology, and Christian apologetics.

The success of our graduates in a wide variety of fields is a testament to how well our program prepares them in the transferable skills of critical thinking and conceptual analysis. There is no end to the opportunities provided by a philosophy degree.

What are my opportunities to grow professionally outside the classroom?

You can practice and grow your philosophical skills is through our Ethics Bowl team which competes in regional and national intercollegiate debate tournaments. The Taylor Ethics Bowl team is one of the best in the region and recently advanced to the quarterfinals of the national competition.

Along with Ethics Bowl, you can attend national meetings for the Association for Practical and Professional Ethics, Indiana Philosophical Association, and the Evangelical Philosophical Society, as well as regional conferences such as the Gospel Coalition and the Wheaton Theology Conference.