Political Science, Philosophy & Economics (PPE)


If you desire a deep, nuanced understanding of how the world operates, consider studying political science, philosophy, and economics. This interdisciplinary major brings three disciplines together for a layered examination of global realities.

As a PPE major, you will . . .

  • gain a deeper understanding of the forces affecting society
  • make connections between systems of thought, political action, and economics
  • apply what you’ve learned in all three areas to contemporary issues 

With required classes in all three disciplines, PPE provides a foundation to think critically from multiple perspectives and gain well-rounded views of issues, events, and ideas. 

You will learn about significant political and economic structures and processes, while being globally engaged and trained to discuss leading contemporary issues. Each discipline is explicitly engaged with faith and vocation and will challenge you to pursue rigorous study with the expectation of impacting the world through your career.

Classes cover:

  • Public policy
  • International relations
  • Logic, ethics, and moral issues
  • History of philosophy
  • Economics
  • Western political thought

In addition to taking foundational courses in each discipline, PPE requires a minimum of four electives chosen from a host of courses in political science, philosophy, and economics.

Opportunities for professional development and hands-on experience:

  • 160-hour required practicum in any of the three areas
  • Complete an independent research project
  • Take a seminar in one (or more) of the three areas
  • Join our nationally-ranked Ethics Bowl team

Every Taylor student has opportunities to study abroad as they develop a multi-faceted understanding of how the world works.

The Bachelor of Arts option requires a foreign language. The Bachelor of Science option adds the Systems curriculum to existing history major requirements.