Music, Theatre & Dance

Conor Angell

Dr. Conor Angell
Assistant Professor of Music, Lyric Theatre
(765) 998-5290

Christopher Bade

Dr. Christopher Bade
Professor of Music, Woodwinds, Orchestra
(765) 998-5258

Kory Browder

Kory Browder
Dance Instructor, Theatre Adjunct Faculty

Dana Collins

Dr. Dana Collins
Professor of Music, Composition
(765) 998-5547

Albert Harrison

Dr. Al Harrison
Department Chair & Professor of Music, Instrumental Music, Wind & Jazz Ensembles
(765) 998-5259

Leon Harshenin

Dr. Leon Harshenin
Professor of Music, Piano
(765) 998-5230

Judy Kirkwood

Judy Kirkwood
Program Assistant for Theatre & Film
(765) 998-5255

Eva Kwan

Dr. Eva Kwan
Assistant Professor of Music, Music Education
(765) 998-5215

Tracy Manning

Tracy Manning
Managing & Artistic Director of Theatre
(765) 998-5248

Cathy Moore

Cathy Moore
Concert & Tour Coordinator
(765) 998-5292

JoAnn Rediger

Dr. JoAnn Rediger
Professor of Music & Director of Choral Ensembles, Church Music
(765) 998-5279

Patricia Robertson

Dr. Patricia Robertson
Professor of Music, Voice
(765) 998-5256

Lisa Royal

Lisa Royal
Music Program Assistant
(765) 998-5232

Terrance Volden

Terrance Volden
Technical Director of Theater
(765) 998-5240

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