Experiences outside the classroom

  • Semi-regular attendance to the International Association of Business Communicators (IABC)
  • Monthly lunches with the communication professionals of the Indianapolis chapter
  • Semi-annual attendance at IABC's regional conventions like Cincinnati and Cleveland

Student and Alumni Testimonies

Miriam BallCommunication is a versatile area of study I have found to be quite practical for nearly any future vocation. My Interpersonal and Public Communication focus has been extremely helpful to me as I look ahead. The variety of classes offered have provided valuable insights for how to effectively communicate with people in a variety of settings—both relationally and professionally—developing practical application for communication with friends, new people, and in job interviews.” –Miriam Ball '14


Joshua Key

“I worked at the Wyndham Nassau Resort, a large hotel located in Nassau, Bahamas. At the Wyndham, I got to experience how an organization with over 600 employees runs. Trust me, getting news out to the whole company is not as simple as hitting 'send' on an e-mail! My practicum let me play a part in diverse departments, including Sales (external communication) and Human Resources (internal communication). It helped me understand how each department works alone and how they all work together. It allowed me to establish relationships with professionals in the city where I hope to work after graduation. Most importantly, it let me practice speaking, acting, and working like a witness for Jesus Christ, all while doing my job.” –Joshua Key '13


Kate Gilliland“The biggest impact Taylor had on me was challenging the way I think while preparing me for Christian living. I am so blessed to have gone to Taylor and will forever be impacted by my time there.” –Kate Gilliland '09

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Elisabeth Duncan

“Presently I am an HR Administrator for a HRMS company in Atlanta, GA, and have recently achieved my PHR (Professional Human Resource Certification). I oversee the compensation, performance management, benefits and recruiting/talent management for a company for almost 100 people. I am constantly using my communication training as I create, communicate and implement new policies, programs and initiatives that support my company's overarching goals. The idea that my skills and knowledge are extensions of God-given gifts was a key part of my classroom experience at Taylor." –Elisabeth Duncan '09

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Rob and Kate Bedinghaus“I, Rob, came to Taylor without a clue in regards to what I wanted to study or do after college. I learned many valuable things as a communication major, from how to write effectively to how to prepare and give effective presentations. The classes introduced me to the fascinating study of signs and symbols and their use and interpretation, which was one of the precursors to my current interest in linguistics at the post-graduate level as a PhD student at Indiana University. In my graduate studies, I have found the things I learned at Taylor to be extremely helpful.” –Rob '08 and Kate (Yoder '07) Bedinghaus

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