Listen to Tracy Manning, Managing & Artistic Director of Theatre, describe her passion for theatre at Taylor.

"It's time to redeem the craft, to reclaim the creativity endowed to us by God, to fill performace spaces all over the world with people who are passionate about the craft, equipped for the work and empowered by the Holy Spirit." Listen to Tracy Manning, Managing and Artistic Director of Theatre, describe her passion for theatre at Taylor.

Theatre students at Taylor are willing to do the hard work. They sacrifice time and energy and immerse themselves into their craft - working together, challenging each other to create a quality performance that honors God and their own pursuit of excellence.

If you become a Taylor theatre student, you can expect:

  • Strong, intentional community: Taylor is known for community, Christian fellowship, and discipleship.
  • Whole-person development: Excellence at Taylor isn't just about your mind. Faculty and staff—as well as your peers—care about every aspect of your life, from how your team is doing in intramurals to your relationship with Christ.
  • High-quality productions: Your passion and commitment to developing your craft will not go unnoticed. You'll be pushed to give your best and to improve upon your best, while participating in productions that will strengthen your resume for a future in theatre.

Taylor Theatre

Campus Venues

Taylor Theatre uses Mitchell Theater, a space uniquely designed for flexibility in set design, for its full-length productions. Theatre students also have access to a black box theatre in Rupp Communication Arts Center, which they can use for small productions or theatrical exercises.

Production Casebooks

Students interested in writing, media, history, and arts education gain valuable dramaturgical experience by working directly with Artistic Director Tracy Manning to create production casebooks. Combing research, analysis, and reflection, casebooks provide supplementary materials that offer valuable insight throughout rehearsals and invite the audience into the world of the play.

Opportunities Outside of the Classroom and Theatre Performances

Touring Company

The Taylor Touring Company takes theatre productions on the road, presenting shows at churches, schools, and businesses throughout the US and internationally. Student actors and crew gain professional experience while learning the ins and outs of touring a small-scale production. In addition to performing, the troupe-members also offer specialty theatre workshops to their audiences on tour.

In 2014, the Company departed from traditional productions to an improvisational, interactive theatre form called Playback Theatre. In these productions, the audience shares stories and experiences that the actors and musicians play back in an engaging, unscripted format.

The current production, Out of Darkness, integrates this theatrical form with scriptural engagement, identifying psalmic themes present in stories from everyday life.

August 2015, the Playback Troupe performed at the International Fringe Festival in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Here are some examples of professional connections through businesses that come to campus:

  • Nathan Garrison, Production Stage Manager, Indianapolis Repertory Theatre
  • Kevin Gawley, Professional Lighting Designer, University of Wisconsin
  • Cory Rodeheaver, Scenic Designer, Taylor Studios, Champagne, IL
  • Actors From the London Stage, on-campus residency
  • Valerie Smith, Professional Actress (alumni), Director of Theatre Messiah College

Professional Organizations: 

  • Theatre Communications Group (TCG)
  • Christians in Theatre Arts (CITA)
  • Association of Theatre in Higher Education (ATHE)

Study Abroad Programs and Opportunities

As a Taylor student, you will have many opportunities to make a global impact through mission trips or study abroad. A specific overseas program is the Australia Studies Program, which focuses on the arts and performance. You could spend a semester in beautiful Sydney, Australia, honing your craft with professional instructors who share a Christian worldview. 

A student's perspective on the Australia Studies ProgramRead about Matt's experience in the Australia Studies Program.