Rob and Kate BedinghausI, Rob, came to Taylor without a clue about what I wanted to study or do after college. I learned many valuable things as a Communication major, from how to write effectively and how to prepare and give effective presentations. The classes introduced me to the fascinating study of signs and symbols and their use and interpretation, which was one of the precursors to my current interest in linguistics at the post-graduate level as a PhD student at Indiana University. In my graduate studies, I have found the things I learned at Taylor to be extremely helpful.

I, Kate, came into Taylor thinking I was going to be an author so I naturally majored in English, but soon switched to Communication Studies. Throughout my remaining time at Taylor I came to love the department, the professors, and the classes. The beauty of a degree in communication is that it is applicable long after a classroom door closes. I think in that way Taylor prepared me for my current role as a homemaker. Some may think I am “wasting” my education. I find that entirely false. There are plenty of opportunities for me to use my degree – at church where I serve as childcare coordinator, at our moms group where I often need to make a new mom feel welcome, teaching my son, coordinating an event at church, even simply talking with someone in the grocery store.

No matter who we are, we are always communicating. We’re thankful we learned how to communicate for the glory of God at Taylor.

~ Rob '08 and Kate (Yoder '07) Bedinghaus