Elisabeth DuncanFor me it was the relationships at Taylor that have impacted me most. There were late night dorm room chats, Bible Studies and friendships that began with polar pop runs to the local gas station. I grew from the amazing opportunities and relationships made through being involved with both Theatre and Student Programming (SAC). My professors and classroom studies definitely set me up for success in both my personal and professional life after leaving Upland.

Being a Communication Studies Major with a Minor in Marketing, I feel like I got the best of all worlds. My core classes in Communication taught me how to think analytically and be able to communicate effectively which translates into every facet of my life.  The practical life experience the coursework provided gave me the needed stepping stones for a business career. Additionally, what sets Taylor apart are the personal interactions and relationships I had with my professors.  Professors that that pushed me to the highest level of quality and depth in my work because they saw I was capable of more and wanted me to achieve it.  They presented new ideas and concepts in safe environments for me to consider before graduating.

Presently I am an HR Administrator for a HRMS company in Atlanta, GA and have recently achieved my PHR (Professional Human Resource Certification).  I oversee the compensation, performance management, benefits and recruiting/talent management for a company of a little under 100 people.  I am constantly using my Communication training as I create, communicate and implement new policies, programs and initiatives that support my company's overarching goals. The idea that my skills and knowledge are extensions of God given gifts was a key part of my classroom experience at Taylor.

There are not enough words to describe my love and appreciation for TU and the Communication  Department.  They poured into me both in the classroom and in my personal life.  They laid a foundation that I feel has set me up for success. I hope everyone has such as amazing a college experience!

~ Elisabeth Duncan '09