Christian Ministries

Why study Christian Ministries at Taylor?

The academics at Taylor are challenging, but you already know that because of our distinctions and rankings. Our professors care about more than your grades—they intentionally build relationships with you so they can help you discern your calling and prepare you for wherever God wants you to go. They prepare you for 40+ years of ministry, investing in you so you will flourish as a disciple of Christ and build more disciples wherever you go.

Here is some information regarding opportunities aside from your class work that you can be involved in. Have questions? Schedule a visit, or contact Dr. Phil Collins today!

Professional growth

As part of your studies at Taylor, you will grow professionally outside the classroom through:

  • Conferences: Youth Conference, Empower, Honors Conference, NSLC, etc.
  • Practicum: Summer, full-time experience
  • Research projects: Ministry and scripture engagement*
  • 2 semesters of departmentally-approved ministry
  • Local missions and campus ministry: Chapel programming, chapel music ministries, Taylor World Outreach, Residence Hall Bible studies, Red Barn, inner-city ministry, para-church ministry (evangelism)
  • Mission trips: Taylor provides the opportunity for you to go on mission trips during January term with our Lighthouse program, on Spring Break, and in the summer. These trips take place all over the world.

*The Taylor University Center for Scripture Engagement is a collaboration among a number of Taylor departments to promote deep engagement in Scripture, train ministry leaders both on- and off-campus, and conduct cutting-edge research. Taylor students have also participated in writing Scripture engagement articles on Bible Gateway read by millions of people and helping build computer software for a Scripture engagement app.

Study abroad opportunities

The CM program encourages students to take advantage of study abroad opportunities. Faculty advisors help students work with their academic schedules to provide time to study and serve in off-campus programs. Some of the most popular off-campus programs include:

Semester abroad

  • Israel - In this program the student spends an entire semester (either fall or spring) at Jerusalem University College. A wide variety of classes are offered ranging from courses on biblical Israel to modern issues in the Middle East. Students can earn credit in areas including General Education, Bible, or History. For further information contact Dr. Michael Harbin.
  • Ireland
  • Ecuador

J-term academic study trips

  • Footsteps of Paul (Greece/Italy): This trip is jointly led by one of the Bible Department professors and Dr. David Sparks and his wife Elizabeth. Elizabeth is a native Greek from Berea who delights in sharing her native land with us. The travels begin in Thessaloniki, where we tour the modern open-air market before walking to an excavated marketplace from the time of Paul, while studying Paul’s letters to the Thessalonians. Highlights of the trip include visiting the jail where Paul and Silas sang before the earthquake in Philippi, climbing part of Mount Olympus, walking the streets of Delphi, studying Acts on Mars Hill in Athens, partaking of communion at the Bema (judgment) seat in Corinth, studying Peter’s letters on suffering in the coliseum in Rome, and ending the trip at the site of Paul’s execution just outside of Rome. The course provides credit for Biblical Literature II (BIB 210).  

“My trip to Greece and Italy in January changed the way I read the Bible. No longer was it just history in a book, but as I walked in the footsteps of Paul, the Bible came to life right before my eyes. Several times on the trip I remember thinking, ‘I am standing where Paul was!’ and now when I read the Bible, they’re not just faraway places, but places I’ve been to and culture I’ve experienced. Words cannot even describe it!” - Danielle Urbanowicz '13

  • Intro to Holy Land Studies at Jerusalem University College (Israel): This trip begins in Jerusalem on the campus of Jerusalem University College, just outside the Old City. The trip begins with a walk through the Old City, where we visit the traditional locations of the crucifixion and burial of Jesus. The heart of the trip is visiting places like Bethlehem (home of David and birthplace of Jesus), Beersheba (key location for Abraham), Nazareth, Caesarea Philippi near the location of the Mount of Transfiguration, and Caesarea Maritime where Paul was imprisoned before his trip to Rome. This course can be used for credit for either Biblical Literature I (BIB 110) or Biblical Literature II (BIB 210). It may also be used as a Bible elective.

“Jerusalem was an unforgettable experience. The trip showed me just how real the Bible and its stories and locations actually are.” - Heath Moser '14

  • Revelation and the Seven Cities (Turkey): This is a hybrid course beginning with a week of class on campus and then traveling to Turkey to explore the sites of the seven cities of the book of Revelation. In the process, the trip covers the sites for the first seven church councils, which formalized the key issues of Christian doctrine all Christians believe. This course can fulfill the requirement for Historic Christian Belief or be counted as a Bible Elective.


Students are highly encouraged to participate in a Lighthouse trip over January term. These 3-week missions trips go all over the world. Students engage in service projects, ministry, community development, teaching English, performing arts, leadership development, evangelism, and discipleship under the direction of faculty sponsors and international hosts. Recent Lighthouse destinations include India, the Czech Republic, Paraguay, Ethiopia, Guatemala, Southeast Asia, Ecuador, Singapore and Thailand.