ACAD Integration of F&L

Faith & Learning

Integration of Faith and Learning

Have you ever really watched a drummer in a band? There is something unique about their understanding of all that is happening as they play. They set a tempo, know the role of the other band members and the audience, and yet find a way to sing along even as they are playing their instrument. They are fully engaged and participating in the moment.

With this idea of immersion, Taylor University functions on the premise and expectation that there is an intentional integration of faith and learning happening on our campus. The stage is set, but it requires full participation by the individual members of our community. This integration isn’t defined by a devotional, a prayer before class, or even limited to the required Bible curriculum. Instead, it is a lifelong skill, not a limited part of your college experience.

Foundations of the Christian Liberal Arts is a class taken by all incoming students, which prepares them to integrate their faith into their learning, leading eventually into their calling and career. The class encourages students to think critically while following after the higher call God has given us and living life together with those they come in contact with throughout their lifetime.

Life is an act of worship in which we should delight in the Trinity in everything we do. Learning cannot be fully accomplished without faith that God has created everything for a purpose—the purpose to build your knowledge through your personal and vocational interests in an effort to further His Kingdom.