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Master of Environmental Science


The Plan of Study (PS) is developed during the first semester.  It integrates the student’s academic background and experience with appropriate graduate courses that will be most appropriate to his or her career goals.

The development of the PS is a four-phase process:

  1. Evaluation of the student's admission materials
  2. Interview to ascertain the student’s interests and career goals
  3. Oral candidacy exam to ascertain the appropriate graded coursework to recommend in the PS
  4. Development of a formal PS identifies the specific coursework, research or teaching experience, and capstone component that the student will be expected to complete before the MES is awarded (minimum of 30 credit hours).

View the MES Course Catalog.

Specific course combinations will be tailored to each student’s career goals and formalized in their Plan of Study.  The following scenarios are only a few examples of what is possible:

  • A student with a solid science background (Biology, Business, Chemistry, Physics, or Engineering) might elect a sequence of courses leading to a career in Environmental Management.
  • A student with an undergraduate background in Environmental Biology might elect a sequence of courses broadening his/her experience in Environmental Geology.
  • A student with a strong undergraduate Biology degree might elect to expand that degree by taking advanced courses in Environmental Biology.
  • A student with a diverse science background may wish to combine a broader range of disciplines to pursue a career in Public and Environmental Health.
  • Different combinations could also lead to careers in Environmental Education, Environmental Assessment, or Environmental Chemistry.