About - Our People

Administrative Staff

  • Rob Linehan, Chief Information Officer
  • Jackie Armstrong, I.T. Project / Budget Coordinator
  • Kim Johnson, Information Technology Office Coordinator

Application Services

  • Rod Eib, Director of Enterprise Systems
  • Geri Bradford, Enterprise Systems Specialist
  • Larry Stoffel, Enterprise Systems Data Manager
  • Dan Rickner, Systems Administrator / Database Analyst
  • Sandy Johnson, Applications Support Coordinator
  • Ben Roller, Analyst / Developer
  • Ann Winans, Analyst / Developer
  • Corey Cooper, Enterprise Applications Manager
  • Carl Daudt, Enterprise Systems Analyst
  • Scott Wohlfarth, Lead Systems Administrator / Database Administrator
  • Rachel Bird, Enterprise Systems Analyst
  • Tim Jahr, Enterprise Systems Analyst
  • Phil Macomber, Web Analyst
  • Melissa Garr, Enterprise Systems Analyst

Client & Media Services

  • T. J. Higley, Director of Client & Media Services
  • Jon Ochs, Assoc Director of Client & Media Services
  • Terry Davis, Helpdesk Manager
  • Roberta Ratliff, Helpdesk Coordinator
  • Michael Fletcher, Client & Media Services Lead Analyst
  • Tim Ziegler, Resource & Scheduling Coordinator
  • Adam Cox, Media Services Technician
  • Meghan Corduan, Collaboration Commons Coordinator

Technology Services

  • T.R. Knight, Director of Technology Services
  • David Crim, Security Analyst
  • Steve Elwood, Computing Services Manager
  • Brent Gerig, Network / Systems Analyst
  • Steve Olsen, Telecommunications Services Manager
  • Mike Schadler, Voice-Video Engineer
  • Nick Corduan, Desktop Manager
  • Jason Everroad, Desktop Technician