Sexual Assault

Sexual Assault Prohibited.  Any commission of a sex offense prohibited by Indiana or federal law is a violation of Taylor University's Sexual Assault Policy and the University's Life Together Covenant.  Members of the student body, faculty, support staff, and administrative personnel are included under this policy and within the agreement of the "Life Together Covenant."  Any violation of this policy may lead to criminal sanctions or discipline up to and including expulsion or termination as applicable.

Reporting Sexual Assaults
Taylor University encourages all victims of sexual assault to report such incidents to any Campus Security Authority.  The decision to file a report with the Taylor University Police Department or any other local, county, or state law enforcement agency is to be made by the victim.  Filing a report with the police does commit the victim to pressing charges but not necessarily to testifying in court.  While follow-up options are presented and discussed, the final decisions are left to the victim.  Student Development personnel will help victims contact the police if assistance is requested.

Following a sexual assault, the victim's physical well being is a primary concern because of the risk of sexually transmitted diseases, pregnancy, and/or physical injuries which may not be apparent.  All victims should seek immediate medical attention; however, even if time has passed, it is important to seek medical care.

Victim? Here's What To Do
If you are a victim of a sexual assault, get to a safe place as soon as you can.  Then you should:

  1. Try to preserve all physical evidence.  Do not bathe, douche, use the toilet, or change clothing.
  2. Call the Taylor University Police Department (998-5555) or another police agency -- even if you are unsure about testifying in court.
  3. Get medical attention as soon as possible.  The Taylor University Police Officers or other police will help you with this.
  4. Call a close friend, residence hall director, or other trusted person who can be with you for support.
  5. Use the Sexual Assault Services Consultants for crisis counseling, assistance with medical treatment, safe shelter options, and assistance with legal issues.

Investigations and Hearing
Upon receiving a report of sexual assault, the appropriate vice president will conduct an investigation in cooperation with the Chief of Police or his designee and will conduct hearings in accordance with established procedures.  Sexual assault victims are entitled to have a person(s) of his/her choice present during any and all segments of the hearing process.  Sexual assault victims are entitled to be informed of the status of any and all phases of the hearing process, including the outcome.

Person(s) accused of sexual assault are entitled to have the person(s) of his/her choice present during any and all segments of the hearing process.  Accused person(s) are also entitled to be informed of the status of any and all phases of the hearing process, including the outcome.

Education/Services in the Prevention of Sexual Assault
The Taylor University Police Department offers several educational seminars that are specifically designed to prevent the occurrence of sexual assault.  Seminars are offered to student, faculty, and staff groups upon request.  Contact the Taylor University Police Department to schedule seminars.

  1. The Taylor University Police Department provides an escort service during hours of darkness for person(s) who may be walking on campus.  Call x85555 to request an escort.
  2. Crime prevention materials are made available to students, faculty, and staff upon request.  Crime awareness posters are periodically distributed on campus.
  3. The Taylor University Police Department provides the community with timely reports of crimes committed on or off campus considered to be a threat to students or employees through campus bulletins, The Echo (the weekly school newspaper), residence hall directors, and announcements in classes and chapels.
  4. The Sexual Assault Services Consultants (representatives from Academic Affairs, Personnel, Counseling Center, Residential Life, Taylor University Police, chairperson, and Health Center) are a central referral source for information relating to the rights, options, and services available to a sexual assault victim.  Specifically, consultants are knowledgeable about campus and community referral resources which can provide medical, legal, counseling, advocacy, and academic assistance.  The University will change a victim's academic and living situations after an alleged sex offense, if those changes are requested by the victim and are reasonably available.  Consultants can discuss these options.  The consultant should not be expected to provide specific or detailed legal, medical, or counseling guidance to a victim and must refrain from doing so unless licensed in the respective field.  The consultant is expected to inform the victim both verbally and in writing of the existence and location of services available to assist the victim of a sexual assault.  Call x85395 for more information on the Sexual Assault Services Consultants.

For Further Information
Taylor University Police Department (765) 998-5396
Emergencies x85555

The Campus Sex Crimes Prevention Act of 2000

Taylor University students, faculty and staff can view the national registry of sexually-violent offenders and the Indiana Sheriff's Sex Offender Registry online or at the Taylor University Police Department.  The Registries are updated on a regular basis by the U.S. Department of Justice and by Sheriff's departments in Indiana counties where crimes occur.
Contact:  Taylor University Police Department (765) 998-5395 or x85395 for more information.

To view the security report, check the Student Right to Know section.