Taylor University Police Department

Welcome to the Taylor University Police Department!

In keeping with the institutional mission of Taylor University, the Police Department is dedicated to providing for the protection of persons, property, and civil order on campus by overseeing the functions of law enforcement and security on a 24/7/365 basis.

The Police Department also manages the motor pool, identification card, campus parking, card access, and lost and found programs for Taylor University.  These services are administered during regular office hours.


Chief of Police – Serves as the chief law enforcement officer for Taylor University and acts as the liaison for the university with all local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies.  The Chief of Police, a 1989 graduate of Taylor University, has been involved in law enforcement for 25 years. His experience includes patrol, self-defense/personal safety awareness, emergency/tactical response, criminal investigations, crime scene management, expert testimony, public relations, and certification in Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED3), which involves strategic landscaping to deter criminal activity. 

Deputy Chief of Police – Serves as the Chief of Police in his absence or by his designation and additionally serves as the training officer for the Taylor University Police Department as a certified state instructor. The Deputy Chief of Police has 38 years of law enforcement service, including patrol, criminal investigations, crime scene management, and administration.

Police Officers – There are two full-time and four part-time police officers, as well as two additional no-sworn campus safety officers. Our police officers have full law enforcement authority in the state of Indiana. Their responsibilities include: proactive vehicular and foot patrol; traffic, criminal, and infraction investigations; traffic enforcement; building and special event security; emergency medical assists; and more.