American Opportunity / Education Tax Credit

TIN Requirement: Per federal law, students must supply their TIN (Social Security Number) to the university so that it may be included on 1098T information reported to the IRS for potential tax credit. Students who did not provide their SSN when admitted to the university should do so by completing the Form W-9S and mailing to the Bursar Office, 236 W Reade Ave, Upland, IN 46989. Fax number is 765-998-4799.

Form W-9S:

Information from Taylor University

The 1098-T statements will be mailed on or before January 31 to all students who had at least part time enrollment status during the previous calendar year. The mailing address is the student's permanent address as listed with the registrar's office.

In compliance with current IRS regulations, the 1098-T lists billable charges and scholarships and grants awarded during the calendar year. It will not list a total of all payments received, as taxpayers should consult their own records for this information.

Students may obtain a copy of the 1098T information as well as supplemental information detailing qualifying charges, payments, loans and scholarships on TOWER. Here are the steps to access this information:

  1. Log on to the TOWER account through the myTAYLOR portal if a current student or through the Web site at if no longer enrolled.
  2. Choose Student Services.
  3. Choose Student Records.
  4. Choose Tax Notification.
  5. Enter the tax year (previous year information is available by entering the relevant tax year.)

Taylor University cannot provide individualized information about how to file taxes and the amount of credit a taxpayer may be able to claim. General information about eligibility and requirements can be accessed at the IRS Web site: The form to use for claiming a credit on your federal taxes is Form 8863. This form is available on the IRS Web site. For detailed information, you may wish to consult a qualified tax consultant.

Please contact us if you have any questions.