Henry O'Neil's Letter to Samuel Morris

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2334 Randolph Str. St. Louis.
Apr. 18th, 1893.

Dear Brother Samuel:--I am still living to praise God. Praise the Lord today for full salvation! Hallelujah! I have been down in the valley of the shadow of death but the Lord has raised me up. Praise the Lord! Praise the Lord! Sammie I have been very sick. Three weeks ago I took sick with typhoid fever--that is what the Dr. called it. But in all my sickness I did not take any medicine--not one bit. God gave me kind friends and they took good care of me. I had baths everyday. The Lord was with me all the time Sammie it is just wonderful how the Lord blesses me. I lay on my



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sick bed and the Lord just came and blessed me and filled me with His love. I do praise the Lord for what He has done for my body and soul. Dear Samie I don't believe God will let me die yet because I want to preach the gospel to my own dear heathen sisters and brothers in Africa. I remember what you told me. I never forget that Jesus is my father and my mother and my dearest friend. I am sticking close to him. Oh God is so good. Praise the Lord. I am laying down at his feet more than I ever did before. I am not strong yet, but I am out of bed and I went to school this morning and said a reading and spelling lesson. I think I will soon be able to get all my lessons again. Pray for me dear Samuel. Pray for my school too.


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Page 3 of letter Samuel I love you very dearly. You were the one who helped me to find my precious Jesus. I love Him more every day since I have found Him. This is the first test of sickness I have had. The Lord tried me like He tried Job to see if I could stand. But He gave me grace to stand the trial. "He knoweth the way that I take and when he hath tried me I shall come forth as gold." Sammie, my dear boy, we must remember those little heathen children in Sister Mary Sharp's school. Let us pray for them that God will save them. I still thank God that he as put me in this dear, good Christian home where I am living. I am





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Page 4 of Letter getting new light all the time and growing in grace. God is making me a strong soldier and I am going to fight the devil. God will stand by me. I have put my trust in Him and shall not be afraid. I want to hear from you how you are getting on in your school please write to me soon. I send my best love to all your school mates. God bless them every one. Praise God! Let everything that hath breath Praise the Lord! Amen! I don't feel one bit like shrinking back from the cross but I feel like standing right up strong for my Jesus. God be with you my dear brother, till we meet again! With a heart full of pure love, I am

Your brother in Jesus Christ,

Henry O'Neil.