Liberia - Morris' Country

The country of Liberia, like the story of Samuel Morris, has a rich, fascinating and incredible history.

Founded in 1820 by a group of freed American slaves, Liberia has since endured several decades of civil war and political unrest. Years of conflict eased in 2003 when President Charles Taylor resigned under international pressure. Today, Liberia is seeking to restore its reputation of hospitality in the world and production of valuable natural resources.

The October 11, 2005, presidential and legislative elections and the subsequent November 8, 2005, presidential run-off were the most free, fair, and peaceful elections in Liberia's history. Ellen Johnson Sirleaf became Africa's first democratically elected female president. She was inaugurated in January 2006 and formed a government of technocrats drawn from among Liberia's ethnic groups and including members of the Liberian diaspora who had returned to the country to rebuild government institutions. The Government of Liberia has made positive strides aimed at political stability and economic recovery.

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